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Electronic Systems Development (ESD) is a contract electronics engineering firm offering digital design, FPGA design and embedded software capabilities. ESD specializes in small to medium size projects. With over 20 years of design experience in the electronics industry, ESD offers a wide range of design capabilities.

ESD is now offering a Bit Error Rate VHDL Core.

System Design

ESD can provide a total one-stop shopping service or any portion of the design process can be completed. Past projects have varied from a single circuit design all the way to circuit design, printed circuit board layout and software design. The importance of flexibility is well understood at ESD.

ESD designs are not just another assemblage of semiconductor application notes. ESD has extensive background with developing embedded software. This experience yields software friendly designs which can cut software development times and increase software efficiencies.

Here is an overview of past ESD design projects.

FPGA / CPLD Design

ESD has utilized Xilinx FPGA / CPLD devices for the following applications:

ESD can take your ideas from concept through high-level design, low-level design, simulation, place and route. All designs are created using VHDL, test benches are created for verification and full simulation is performed.

Custom Software

ESD has developed custom software for past projects to perform specialized functions. Here are some of the tasks that have been accomplished with custom software:

PCB Layout

ESD can also compliment the electronic design with printed circuit board layout capabilities. Past experience includes simple 2 layer PCB through complex 10 layer PCB. Technology has included thru-hole, fine pitch SMT and BGA.

With a wide range of design experience, ESD can provide you with top notch design capabilities. Contact ESD today with your design needs.

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